Willingness is the ability to move our dreams forward to another important factor, which is that of a mission that can take us to the next level of our lives. Some men may not be comfortable at their present position but have no willingness in them to move in pursuant to the next level. Sometimes the fear of failure or the risk of losing everything along the way could be the cause for the lack of willingness. My beloved, let me use this medium to tell you that God that created you has a big dream of you, He did not intend that you should be in the suffering corner of life, neither did He pronounce poverty upon you, but your mindset about life has placed you where you are today. These are the thoughts of God towards you why you bothered. God sees you at your next level, you must be willing without minding the risk; God will help you bear them. Trust God for your future manifestation no matter the circumstance. Consider Joseph, the dreamer, had continued dreaming in spite of the challenge from his household. The above scripture pictures the risk that Joseph because of a great dream for his future. The brothers' hatred toward hint did not stop his dream but oiled his willingness to fulfill it. God saw it and cause opened doors of fulfilled dreams unto him. Your experiences as a man with a dream for the next level will only turn to a propeller to wheel you faster to the fulfillment of your dreams for the next level, only if you are willing to move to the next level. 1 advise you to move now and you will get there.

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